Monday, May 14, 2007


I'm a pastor who spends all my time working a coffee house. My passion is ministering especially to university students through a coffee house. My question, which has been stirring in my mind for a few weeks relates to ministry and coffee. I often hear from people who don't understand how running a coffee house is a ministry and not just a business. Just this past Saturday a guy referenced Jesus' feeding of the 5K and how even through that he preached. His comment to me was that along with the coffee, we must also preach the word.
So, I just finished reading Velvet Elvis. It took me like 2 years, but i finally found enough time to finish it.
How do we balance being in our community with the cultural norms of how church is done? What is the emphasis of the worship service and how does it correlate with our daily lives?

I'm reminded today that my value is not set by those around me but by God. Often within the day to day grind and routine the voices of those near by are ringing louder in my ear that the voice of God. And yet, i, as well as others, must remember that it's God who sets our value, and he values each of us...equally.
OK, so it's been a long few weeks. but Mosaic is doing well. I find I'm asking myself some of the questions above in my spare time. I actually found myself thinking about a book I haven't read... coffee shop theology. I was thinking about it and how there's a part of me... at least there was this morning, desiring to write some thoughts about coffee house ecclesiology. I.E. how the church is the church because of the coffee house... or how the coffee house is the church.
Anyway, I don't know if I'll be able to formulate my thoughts on this subject, but we'll see. I don't know that I'm satisfied with the current state of the North American Church... and I'm not sure how, when, and if it will change. But, I know God is speaking to me and speaking through me as I live out my life as a Barista.