Sunday, January 15, 2012

Half Marathon

A friend asked me today about my experience running in the half marathon. Here's my response... (Plus some)
My experience - well, it was good. It was not something I EVER anticipated doing. But am glad I did it. Let's see... my experience. 2 weeks ago training - my knee started hurting... eventually I quit running on it, and walked - and then it go to the point that walking was too much. I called others in our group run and they picked me up. As I described what i was feeling, they thought it was probably tendenitis. It hurt, but later that day - was FINE. I played and chased Phin on the beach that afternoon. So last week at our long run, I took it easy and walked the hills and what not. Seemed good. I made it the whole 10 miles.
So, I was a bit nervous how my knee would feel today. about 4 miles in I thought I could feel the same thing, so I walked much of the rest.
Since I hadn't trained to walk... I tried to keep a good pace - and now have a ton of blisters. I think I'm at 7. =/
So, another weird thing about the run... I got my usual early signs of getting a Migraine at mile 7. I got blindspots. So that bummed me out - but I pressed on. I prayed and I ate some almonds and just kept going. I think only to God's grace, by mile 9 most of my vision was fine and I didn't really get much of a headache till I got home. Not really a Migraine! As I was going - I remembered this video of this mother walking to get water - and they said she had to do it everyday. No matter what. Even the day she gave birth. So, if she could walk to get water on the day she gave birth and carry the 50+ lbs of water back to her village... I could walk with blury vision and a gnarly headache.

It was exciting with all the other people around. It was fun to see so many Team World Vision shirts and participants. In almost 3000 people - there were 600-700 orange world vision runners. And I was surprised by everyones encouragement - not just the TWV people.
It was a fun, weird experience, that I'm glad I participated in and was able to help raise funds and awareness through.

I am pretty proud of our church team and the money we raised... over $2,000. But beyond that - I am thrilled to have been able to participate in the combined figure of $357,000 to help provide clean water. World vision says $50 will give a child clean water for life. We participated in that provision today.

I thank God that he gave me and so many others the heart to strap shoes on our feet and give the gift of water.

My prayer is that those who drink for these new wells - come to know the one, true, living water.


Jim n Jan said...

Sorry we couldn't be there to support you guys, but our prayers were there...Jim n Jan

tim said...

Thank you Jim & Jan. Thank you for your prayers!