Monday, December 30, 2013

a walk in the park

To start the 2012 New Year, I joined a handful of others and jumped in the pacific ocean. Ya, not that great of a feat, considering on previous New Years I’ve jumped in Lake Washington. But none the less – it was still invigorating and a fun way to launch into the New Year.

As of yet, I haven’t decided what this New Year will entail? I’m not sure what will signify the start of 2014.
I have a small family – a wife and two kids (a four and a half yr old boy and 1 and a half yr old girl). Last year I embarked to the beach in Hermosa to jump in, by myself. It was fun. But I missed doing it with my wife. I missed having my family there to experience it too.


Family really is important in this day and age. With all our ability within social media for immediate connections, there is still something about spending time with family. A walk in the park, a jump in the lake, a kite flying, a bike ride; there is still something compelling about our tangible family connections.

Over the past few months I’ve thought a lot about the word “holistic.” It seems important to give appropriate and healthy (note healthy) amounts of time, energy and intention to work, family, physical health and spiritual health. Many of us desire this holistic life.

We all know the importance of spending time at work, accomplishing tasks, getting a paycheck, and providing for our (family) needs. We show up (40ish hours a week) and strive to do our best.

We all know the importance of balancing work life with our family life. Our parents, our siblings, our spouse, our kids; they need our attention, and we need theirs. Balancing time at work with family has been at the top of many New Year’s Resolution lists for years.

We see the health of our nation, our neighbors, our family – and we are driven to think about our physical health. Many will commit to loosing that “extra weight” from the holidays. We join Health clubs with good intentions. We lace up the trainers and run around the block. We eat better, play better, and work better.

But so often we forget one aspect of the holistic pie – our spiritual health!

What are you doing this New Year to tend to your spiritual health? BibleGateway and You.Version have great bible reading plans. Many churches have Bible Studies & Small groups. Our church is going to read “the Story” this New Year in 2014.

To live a holistic life – we must give attention to each aspect of our life pie. It’s not healthy to leave one out, or let it sit neglected. Friends who are out of work can attest to this. They’re anxious, and bored, they’re frustrated, and ready. We understand this. So let’s be intentional this new year to tend to all the aspects of our life.

As I think about it, this New Year, I hope to take my family out for a walk in the park (or perhaps the Strand). I hope we can create time to be together, exercise (running after the little ones), admire God’s creation, and breathe deeply the hope of a new year. As the apostle Paul wrote in Philippians : Forgetting what is behind, and pressing on toward what lies ahead.

join me on – a walk in the park

(ps – and if you’re curious, our church gathers SUNDAYS @ five)

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