Monday, January 27, 2014

immigration, meaning, perspective

I RECEIVED a reference from a friend a few weeks ago. When I got around to calling I explained who I was, who I was calling for, and what I was calling about. I was told that the person I was calling for was not available. And after a few minutes of conversation, the phone was handed to someone else. With the new person, I explained who I was, who I was calling for, and what I was calling about. And after a few minutes of conversation, a break in the voice on the other side of the call, I learned why the guy I was trying to reach was not available.
He had been detained. He was in an immigration holding facility. He was awaiting a decision, a direction.
Hearing the voices of the two women I talked to on the phone that day, puts the difficult situation our community/country is experiencing into perspective. As they tried to describe the situation without change to their voice, I could hear their eyes welling up. I could hear the rhythm of their heart quicken. I could hear all this.
When I dialed my phone that day (just about 2 weeks ago) I had no idea who I was calling, or what was going on in their lives.
This is often the case isn’t it?
Sometimes this is even the case with longtime friends. Sometimes even the case with family.
Sometimes we call and have no idea what’s going on. We don’t know the hurt, the sorrow, the situation.
Our lives are full of trials and adventures, some we want to experience, others we want to run from. Sometimes we believe it’s easier to live life in a perpetual state of ignorance – having accepted the “blue” pill (inter Matrix reference).
But ignorance is not bliss. No matter how simple or disconnected we may feel. The truth is – ignorance is not bliss. The Blue Pill would not have made life easier; rather it would have made it meaningless.
For it is within our daily interactions with one another that we find meaning. A listening ear, an embrace, a laugh; this is where we find meaning.
I’ve thought a lot about this immigration thing which daily flies under my radar. The confusion, hurt, and uncertainty was not lost on me that day – nor since. Hearing those voices crack and hearing their eyes fill with tears will stick with me. I don’t know them, but having spent time with them on the phone, living life together for those few minutes…
I pray.
I pray that I don’t live a life of ignorance; pretending lives around me are not experiencing great joys and often greater pains.
I pray for my friends. I pray for my neighbors.
I pray for hostility to be calmed.
I pray for peace in the midst of chaos. I pray.
Today, I choose the red pill and pray that my eyes may forever be opened to the reality in our midst.

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